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"I like my van pretty good. I love the way the front end looks how it's so different from all the other mini vans, looks a bit more like a SUV. It drives pretty nice I am not exactly a car person but I think it's pretty good. It's been reliable, for us anyway. I have had for 3 years now, and we have never had any problems with it always starts right up.we drove it back and forth from Idaho to Washington a couple times. Then we also drove it from Idaho to Washington then to California all with no problems. I do have some problems with the drivers sliding door not wanting to unlock which makes it so we can't open it but we have figured a way atound it (I think it's just a lose wire or something). My kids love the dvd player. We don't like how expensive it is to get new headphones for it but I think i have found some cheaper ones on ebay though i haven't bought them yet to see if they work. All in all we like our van."

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Good Value People Hauler

10 7.0

overall rating 7 of 10

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Overall Rating 7/10 Value Reliability Quality Performance Styling Comfort

"Pretty happy overall after putting 60, 000 miles on the van after picking it up used (22k at time of purchase). Plenty of power, good for towing all kinds of stuff, holds lots of people and junk, rides and handles nice, good gas mileage. What else do you want."

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Love it

10 10.0

overall rating 10 of 10 Overall Rating 10/10 Value Reliability Quality Performance Styling Comfort

"It is bigger inside then other vans.. We got it cause of the way it looks.. It drives great... Doing very good on gas.. Love it Love it."

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