Silhouette minivan

Oldsmobile Silhouette

The Oldsmobile Silhouette had a 14-year production run that lasted from 1990 to 2004. The Silhouette was designed with luxury in mind and became the flagship minivan for the brand. Like other minivans of its time, the Silhouette had stiff competition from the newly released Chrysler Town & Country. The unfortunate discontinuation of the Oldsmobile brand led to the demise of not only the Silhouette but also all of the cars in its lineup.

The Silhouette was provided with three optional engines during its first generation, such as the smaller 3.1 liter V6 and the larger 3.8 liter V6. The 3.8 liter produced 170 horsepower, which was the preferred choice by drivers after 1992. The first generation Silhouette was assembled in Tarrytown, New York, while the second and final generation was assembled in Doraville, Georgia. As a family van, the Oldsmobile Silhouette provided enough room for seven passengers. Also, the rear seats could be reconfigured between adult and child seating.

From 1990 to 1996, the Oldsmobile Silhouette was in its first generation of production. During that time, it featured more engine and transmission options than the second generation in 1997. Drivers had the choice between three- and four-speed automatics in the first generation; however, they were limited to one engine and one four-speed automatic transmission during the second generation. The newest generation ran from 1996 to 2004 and five trim levels were also available.

The Premiere trim level featured an optional video player with retractable overhead screen for passengers in the back. Since then, this feature has been implemented into most SUVs and minivans on the market today. Another interesting note to add about the design of the second generation Oldsmobile Silhouette was its reduction in size for the European market. The Silhouette was much too large for the streets in Europe; therefore, it was designed to cater to both European and American markets. The redesign also featured a new fascia and rear end, including larger headlamps and optional power sliding door.

The new generation Oldsmobile Silhouette won the Institute Women's Automotive Satisfaction Award from Good Housekeeping. IntelliChoice also gave the Silhouette the Best Overall Value of the Year award in 1994 and again in 2004. The closing of the Oldsmobile division is the reason why a third generation Silhouette was not produced; if it had continued, the Oldsmobile Silhouette may have increased sales and continued to be a dominant minivan today

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