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Hearing that their son wants to enter the highly precarious world of professional acting is every parent’s secret nightmare. When their other son then announces his ambition to become a professional rally driver, most parents would throw up their hands in utter despair. Luckily for the Grints, their sons’ far-fetched dreams turned out perfectly.

Rupert’s role as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies means he is now worth £24 million; James, meanwhile, is now one of Britain’s fastest-rising rally drivers as part of the British Racing Grint team owned by his father, with his sights set on competing in the world championship in 2013.

Despite his colossal wealth, Rupert, 23, has refused to yield to the obvious temptation of luxuries such as high-end supercars.

For this Live shoot, his choice of vehicle is a 1974 Mr Whippy Bedford van – one of his first purchases when the Potter cash began rolling in (although it’s not his only car).

James, 21, opts for the £70, 000 customised Mitsubishi Evo 9 he’s driving in this year’s British championship.

'I was the first of the (Harry) Potter actors to learn to drive. I passed my test at the second time of trying. On the set, there'd always be a lot of talk about cars among the cast, ' said Rupert

RUPERT ‘I was the first of the Potter actors to learn to drive. I passed my test at the second time of trying. On the set, there’d always be a lot of talk about cars among the cast, although Daniel Radcliffe never joined in. He’s never been into cars at all.

‘My first ambition was to become an ice-cream man, which is why I bought the Bedford van. Not long after I first got it, I pulled into a pub to do a U-turn and there were eight kids with their pocket money out, hoping to buy a 99 or whatever. But I had nothing to give them. I’ve learnt my lesson since then.

'I keep my van well stocked. It’s got a proper machine that dispenses Mr Whippy ice cream and I buy my lollies wholesale – 50 for a tenner – so I never run short. I’m not allowed to sell my merchandise. I’d need a licence for that.

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